Here are our wonderful guests. Let's see to the Festival!

Riko Kobayashi

She studied the recorder under Nobuo Nishioka’s guidance. In 1996 he began teaching ocarina by organizing musical courses.
She has performed in concerts with the recorder and ocarina in western Japan. Recently, she is expanding her own activity toward eastern and north-eastern Japan.
In October 2004 she performed as a soloist at The Phoenix Hall in Osaka.
In 2003 she participated in Budrio festival, in Italy, for the ocarina 150th anniversary.
Again in 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2011 she took part in the International Ocarina Festival of Budrio.
In 2008 she participated in the Ocarina Festival in Bregenz, Austria.
In May 2006 she performed once more as a soloist at The Phoenix Hall in Osaka.
In September 2006 she performed as "Ocarina Duo" at the Hyogo Performing Arts Center.
In July 2009 she produced the album "A la carte", by the duo ocarina "Dreamer" and with the same duo in the months of August and September she performed in Osaka, Shiga, Nagoya, Tokyo and Fukushima.
In April 2010 the duo "Dreamer" performed also in Taiwan.
From 2010 to June 2013 she attended the Keihin Ocarina Festival in Yokohama as a guest artist.
In 2014 she founded the Japanese Ocarina Competition to spread the ocarina in Japan.
Since 2016 she has developed youth music exchanges between Italy and Japan.
She is the president of the "Soundrina" music course and works as a musical teacher in the NHK Culture Center in Kobe. She is part of the "Sweet-Potato Ocarina Gasso: dan".


“Himawari” is a musical group composed by young ladies ocarina players directed by Riko Kobayashi in Kyoto.
It was founded in 2015 and it performed the first time in the spring of 2016 in Italy.
Riko Kobayashi is the manager, the leader and the teacher of the group.

Tom Vanoppen

Born on the 24th of October 1990, in Brussels the capital city of Belgium.
Back in 1998 it was the first time that Tom was introduced to the ocarina through a video game called "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time".
For a lot of years he thought it was just a fantasy instrument, until 2004 when he found out it wasn't and bought his first piece.
Though it was only in 2009 that Tom truly started practicing the ocarina, when he bought his first 12-hole ocarina.
Only a few months later he bought first multi-chambered ocarina.
Without any prior musical experience Tom delved into the world of music.
Ever since then he has been passionate about the instrument, and music as a whole.
Over the years both Tom's skills and passion for the ocarina have grown. His preferred style of ocarina is the multi-chambered ocarina. Over this short period, Tom has already performed on many places around the world and was invited to multiple ocarina festivals in China, Japan and Italy etc. He has also received multiple certificates, including certificate in ''recognition of outstanding performance'' in the Peking / Beijing University Hall in China.
After being invited to perform in the Kobe Bunka Hall in Kobe, Japan. Tom wanted to explore Japan...So he decided to stay for a while... What was supposed to be a one month stay end up being a few years and counting...
Tom now has been featured in a lot of different newspapers, radio and television shows.
Including the very popular show on Tokyo Television ''Why did you come to Japan?'' And has been building up his career as professional ocarina player.

Zhang Yifan

He is a Chinese ocarina and a piano player.
In 2015 he has been invited to perform in International Ocarina Festival of Budrio, in Italy as the first Chinese player in the history of the festival.
He performed as an ocarina player in several countries: all over the China, Germany, India and many times in Italy.
In China, he performed both as an ocarina and as a piano player in Peking, in the National Centre for the Performing Arts, the most famous music hall in China.
He performs different music style with Ocarina, but he especially loves classical music and new age music.

Satoshi Osawa

Majoring in saxophone in the instrumental performance department of the faculty of music at the Kunitachi College of Music, Satoshi Osawa first discovered the ocarina while still in school. With parents who were jazz musicians and a brother who performs on trumpet and ocarina, he was raised in a musically-blessed environment.

He began his professional career as an ocarina player in October 2004. In 2006 he became the first Asian ocarina player to give a recital in Italy. He subsequently went on to give concerts in seven different countries around the world, including Italy, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Germany, Austria, and the United States. In Japan, he has given recitals at major concert halls such as the Suntory Hall and Tokyo Opera City, and has performed at historical sites, including the Ise Jingu Shrine and Nijo Castle.

Developing a triple ocarina with a three-octave range, he has contributed the global spread of multi-chambered ocarinas. He won the 2008 Japan International League of Artists’ Music Award and was awarded an honorable mention at the third Tokyo Summit Music Competition. He is currently a professional member of the Japan International League of Artists and a member of the All Nippon Players Association. His reputation for expressing music from the soul precedes him as a next-generation ocarina player.

Note d'argilla

The group "Note d’Argilla" from Po river delta is a quintet of ocarina with piano formed in 2016.
It has already participated at the “Budrio International Festival” in 2017. It was one of the protagonists of "Rural Lab Festival", a project to revaluate Italian rural villages, in which occasion the group collaborated with MATTIA DALLARA , musician and sound engineer in the field of research and experimentation of electronic music and traditional music.
The group proposes a repertoire made up of dances from all over the world, both belonging to classical culture and characteristic of folk tradition.

Giampiero Lucchini

Giampiero Lucchini was born in 1947 in Casalpusterlengo, in the province of Milan. In 1968 he started working as a professional musician playing saxophone and flute in several dance bands and big bands in many Italian cities. From 1972 to 1983 he lived in Bologna where worked as a sax player, a flute player, an arranger and a composer in several bands of the region.

In the same period, he collaborated at important discographic productions: “Metropolis” by Francesco Guccini, “Contrasti” by Henghel – Gualdi Big Band in 1981. In 1878/1980 he took part in the recording of three LP with Sergio Ruffo’s orchestra and in 1983 he participated to the recordings of Jean Pierre Posit’s disc “Flute d’amour” by Baby Records Productions, where he played many wind instruments. He also participated at important shows on TV with Paolo Zavallone’s orchestra: “Non Stop” in 1977, “La sberla” and Sanremo Festival in 1978. In 1981 with Henghel – Gualdi Big Band he took part in the film for the TV “Dancing Paradise” by Pupi Avati.

From 1976 to 1983 he taught music at the secondary school in Bologna; from 1980 to 1983 he worked as a teacher, arranger and composer at the municipal school of Budrio. In the same years he participated in the realization of a new didactic book for ocarina learners.

In 1984 Giampiero Lucchini moved from Italy to Germany to create a new family with Christine, a beautiful German girl: they met in the dancing “Paradiso” in Cesenatico…. It will prove to be an adventure that still lasts successfully!


Gruppo Ocarinistico Budriese (G.O.B.)

The Gruppo Ocarinistico Budriese (G.O.B.) has carried foreward a more than century old tradition which has linked Budrio now and forever to the ocarina.

The ocarina was invented in Budrio, a small town in the province of Bologna, in 1853 by Giuseppe Donati. After making five ocarinas of different sizes, in 1863 the first ensemble was formed. Since 1870 it became a septet, performing with great success all over Europe in the following years, playing original music and arrangements of arias taken from famous operas.
The Gruppo Ocarinistico Budriese has inherited the musical tradition of the ocarina groups present in Budrio over the years, paying particular attention to the creation of a new repertoire.
The GOB group has been active for many years performing at more than 1000 concerts in Italy and abroad and has recorded numerous CD's.
Recently the unmistakeable pastoral sound of the ocarina has been innovated by adding a more classical sound such as the piano, the string quartet or the Baroque orchestra in a repertoire for one or two ocarinas (GOB Solo Players).

International engagements include: concert tours in Australia (1987, 1996, 2000); Argentina (1990), Chile (1990,1999), Venezuela (1991), United States (1994), China (2014, with a concert at the NCPA in Beijing), South Korea (2010, 2012, 2014, 2015), Japan (2014, 2015), Costarica and Nicaragua (2015) and numerous concerts throughout Europe.


Un Po di Ocarine

“Un Po di Ocarine” is an amateur group linked to local tradition.
The name of the group refers to Po River, which flows and characterizes the land from which the members come.
Among the members, there is Benevenuto Fecchio, ocarina maker, and his family: the wife Giuseppina Pennoni and the daughters Chiara and Giada.
Paola Bellettato and Raffaele Spinello are the teachers of the group, collaborating with the association “Città della Musica”: they lead the group to perform pieces from local popular tradition and different genres.
The other members come from different experiences; they are Vittoriana Bello, Babila Belluco, Emanuela Dalla Montà, Dante Massarenti, Lidia Santin e Helga Tagliatti.
The group has already performed in several situations like the theater performance “Sì, migrare!” by the “Compagnia Instabile” from Taglio di Po.

Piani Inclinati

The group performs pieces transcribed from Fabrizio De Andrè artistic and poetic repertoire.
The members come from different musical experiences, both for ages and for genre.
The main reference of the group are the instrumental arrangements, which have characterized Italian authors song in the last century.

Alberto Ciarrocca, ocarinas; Riccardo Madonia, violin; Michele Lanzarone, percussion instruments; Felice Foschini, guitar; Marcello Ciarrocca, voice and guitar.

Eun-ju cho

Bella Bologna

Bella Bologna is an amateur group composed by students of Fabio Galliani. They especially play songs taken from the popular and traditional emilian repertoire but not only. The members of the group are: Marisa Gibaldi, Lia Linari, Vittorio Turrini, Barbara Giorgi, Cecilia Galliani; Fabio Galliani.

Daniel Anirakko

Daniel Anirakko first discovered the ocarina in 2013, at a stand at the medieval festival in Kaltenberg, Germany.
Fascinated by the instrument he started learning the ocarina by himself and collecting them from all over the world.
After getting to know Giampiero Lucchini in 2015, he had several concerts with him in Augsburg, Germany.
Visiting the Budrio ocarina festival in 2017 and meeting many professional ocarina players was an impressive experience for him.
Now he is really looking forward to the Delta Po Festival, as it will be the first international festival where he will perform.

Mattia Dallara

Mattia Dallara, musician, sound engineer, electronic music producer and programmer.
He is the owner of "Rhymast Music", an independent electronic music label (Electro / House / Glitch / Dubstep / Crunk).
He has been producing music since 2000 and his sound is rich in jazz and funk influences.
He works as a producer and a remixer for important labels linked to club culture ((EMI Italia, FunkHouse Europa, Molto records, ItaloBusinnes, Versuz Essentials, Elastica, EMI Belgium).
He performed as a musician, dj and participated as a sound engineer to well-known festival as UmbriaJazz, POPKOMM Berlin, Ibiza Blue Marlin, Elettrowave, Lucca Summer Festival, Nice Jazz festival, Rafanass Festival, Rolling Stone.
He has collaborated artistically and technically with many important artists: Planet Funk; N.O.I.A; Piatto; Feel Good Production, C.L.P, Blade from Jestofunk, DJ Mozart, Madaski and Afrika Unite, Soul Minority, Cut La Roq, Afrika Islam, Donald D, Dynamax MC, Stewart Copeland, Mop Mop, Mario Biondi, Roberto Paci Dalò, Fabio Nobile, Cesare Cremonini, Paolo Scotti, Pier Cortese, Double Dee, The Hormonauts, Zapruder film group and more.
Through an extemporaneous performance, he will transform and blend the sonority of the ocarinas.

Serghei Chetrari

He graduated as a clarinet and as an orchestra conductor in 1977 at Chisinau University.
From 1972 to 1984, he played in Moldau National Orchestra as a clarinet, taragot and kaval player.
Now he is living in Italy. He became passionate about the ocarina in 2007. His dream is the foundation of an ocarinas septet in Moldau.
He will perform with his wife, who is an accordion player.

Gruppo Ocarinistico di Grillara

The Ocarinistico Grillara Group was formed in 2012, after a musical workshop on ocarinistic technique held in the Museum “L’Ocarina” of Benvenuto Fecchio, ocarina maker in Grillara of Ariano nel Polesine (Ro). It is composed of six musicians who play ten-holes ocarinas by Benvenuto Fecchio.

The group has already recorded a CD entitle “Il mio fiume” and has performed at Ocarina International Festival in Budrio (Bo) in the editions of 2013, 2015 and 2017. In 2013 they performed at the opening concert of the conference "Vento" in Ca’ Vendramin (Ro) and at the Museum “I grandi fiumi” of Rovigo during the exhibition “Ande, cante e bali”. In same year they also performed at the Censer of Rovigo for the trade exhibition, in the day dedicated to the meeting of Venetian and Apulia GAL. In 2012 and in 2013, the group participated at the “Social day” in the social theatre of Rovigo and in 2014 it performed in Sorbolo (Pr) at “La cultura si fa sport”. They performed at Milan EXPO 2015 representing Venetian tradition. The group participated at Ocarina Delta Festival in the edition of 2014 and 2016.

The Group Ocarinistico Grillara components are:

Molinella Ocarina Group & Bentivoglio Strings Ensemble

The Molinella Ocarina Group (MOG) was born in 2012. It is made up of young musicians from Bologna, all multi-instrumentalists, who since 2013 are continuing the tradition of the ocarina both nationally and internationally. Master Emiliano Bernagozzi is an international known flute player and the director of Bentivoglio Youth Orchestra, in addition to playing with the group, acts as an artistic director and realizes all the arrangements and adaptations for ocarina of tracks proposed by the group.

In a few years, the Molinella Ocarina Group has performed several dozen concerts in Italy and abroad. It has already made four tours in the Far East: after the first experience in South Korea in 2014, Taiwan in July 2016, Japan in July 2016 and South Korea again in September 2016. In 2015, the MOG won the first prize for the folk music section and, above all, the first absolute prize at the International Chamber Music Competition Gioacchino Rossini in Pesaro. No group of popular Italian folk music had won a first prize in an International Music Competition before. In the same year, the Molinella Ocarina Group received the first prize for popular music at the International Competition Valtidone (Pc) and the Special Jury Prize at the National Competition “Agostini” in Portomaggiore (Fe). In November 2016, the group distinguished itself at the International Chamber Music Competition “Coop for Music” in Milan and Cremona for the originality of the proposal and in Spring 2017 it won the first absolute prize for the folk and popular music section at the Competition “Albeghini - Città Metropolitana di Bologna”.

In January 2017 the MOG is the winner of the Call for music globalization “Bologna – Città della Musica UNESCO” thanks to its tour in Japan and in Taiwan. Besides, the group won the same prize even in 2017, thanks to a proposal of concerts and didactic training, which will led the MOG in Poland and China. The debut album “Note di terracotta” was published in 2014, the second album “Il Vento” in 2017.


Bentivoglio Strings Ensemble is one of the several chamber music ensembles created in 2016 within Bentivoglio School of music "Il Temporale". Formation and direction of this group is entrusted to the Masters Davide Dondi and Marzia Baldassarri. The Ensemble has already performed in concerts dedicated to Antonio Vivaldi at the Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta of San Leo in July 2017 and at the Castle of Bentivoglio (BO) in November 2017, inside the the XXI International Chamber Music Festival, organized by Bentivoglio Cultural Association "Il Temporale". The school of muisc "Il temporale" is known throughout the province of Bologna and beyond thanks to its commitment in spreading musical culture and supporting young musicians’ training. 250 students attend this school, which offers several activities: firstly, "BenTiVoglio Youth Orchestra", a mixed teacher and pupil music education which today counts about 40 elements, already winner in 2016 of the "Rossini" International Competition Città di Pesaro and protagonist of many tours in Italy and abroad. Secondly, "BenTiVoglio Junior Orchestra", that involves children from six to 12 years old. In the last, an International Chamber Music Festival, which has reached its XXI edition in 2017. In recent years among the activities of the music school, partnership experiences in Italy and abroad have particular importance: they led the musicians of Bentivoglio to make many tours in the Czech Republic (2016), in Irpinia 2017) and in Cuba (2017), becoming ambassadors of art and culture in the territory and in international geography.

Sito web

Ocarina Ensemble di Budrio

Budrio Ocarina Ensemble was born from the experience of the septets of ocarina of within the Association “Diapson Progetti Musicali”, which aims to keep and renew ocarina repertoire: the idea is that of adding to the pieces inherited from the ocarina groups of the last century new arrangements of contemporary music, taken from far musical traditions. In fact, we believe that musical possibilities of a group of ocarinas are still plenty to explore, and that's what we want to do, with fun and with a lot of irony, with the same spirit ocarina players of the nineteenth century could probably have, when they arranged pieces taken from Opera instead of just playing polkas and mazurkas. The group, in its actual composition, has formed four years ago inside the municipal ocarina school “V. Grimaldi” of Budrio. We are boys and girls from 14 to 28 years old and we all have a collective passion: The reason why we embarked on this adventure is our passion for the music played by ocarina, an instrument that represents our own tradition. We have performed in several concerts in Emilia Romagna and at EXPO 2015 in Milan; besides, we have realized some tours abroad: in Germany, in Hungary and in 2016 in Chile. In March 2016, we recorded “La terra che suona”, the first album of the new configuration of the Ocarina Ensemble.

1^ ocarina in DO e solista Cristian Paolini, 2^ ocarina in SOL Caterina Campi, 3^ ocarina in DO Giorgia Guardi, 4^ ocarina in SOL Adele Gentili, Erica Buldini, 5^ ocarina in DO Elena Venturoli, 6^ ocarina in SOL Federica Taglioli, 7^ ocarina in DO Tomas Pasqualotto


Gaggle, which in English literally means "group of geese on the ground", was founded in 2010 from the desire of five friends and colleagues musicians to discover the ocarina; the passion for this instrument led us to experiment several genres, from folk music to Medieval and Contemporary. Since 2012 the original quintet has expanded becoming the actual septet. We performed in many exhibitions among which “Ocarina Delta Festival”, “Festival Internazionale dell’Ocarina” in Budrio, “Mercantia – Festival internazionale del quarto teatro” in Certaldo. We collaborated with “Conservatorio Statale di Musica” of Lucca and partecipated at other musical exhibitions.

Fabio Galliani, Mirco Mungari, Palomino Bros & friends

Fabio Galliani plays the ocarina since he was a child. Tha fact to be born and grown up in Budrio (BO), the country where the ocarina was invented is not random! Since 1979 he as been a member of the GOB - Group Ocarinistico Budriese. Fabio has taken part in hundreds of concerts with this group, in Italy and abroad (Australia, Argentina, Chile, USA, Korea, Japan and China) and he also partecipated at all recordings ( He is also member of "The soloists of the GOB" ("Magical Ocarina", 2011).
Since 2003, he has been the director of the Museum of Ocarina in Budrio and the artistic director of the several editions of the Ocarina Festival in Budrio.
In 2008, he recorded as a soloist the cd "Ocarinamania". In recent years, he has toured in Japan, South Korea and China, during which he has performed in concerts and has held masterclasses and lectures about ocarina history. In summer 2016, he performed in a “Family concert” to present ocarina at the Shangai Concert Hall and since 2015 he has been forming ocarina teachers in several Chinese cities. He is co-author of the methods “Easy ocarina” and “My ocarina Journey”. He plays ocarina, clarinet and flute in the group “Cavranera” (popular music) and in “Ocarinamania Quartet” (jazz and klezmer) (cd "Fabiolous Ocarina", 2015). He founded the Celtic Dream Trio together with the harpist Marianne Gubri and percussionist Marco Muzzati, in order to explore new repertoire for Celtic harp and ocarina. He also plays with Paolo Palmieri (street organ) performing ancient popular dances. He perfomrs in trio woth Marco Fabbri (bandoneon and accordion) and Marco Muzzati (percussion) playing original pieces in jazz style. He often collaborates also with the guitar player Mirco Mungari. As a singer and recorder player, he collaborates with various choirs, focusing in particular on the ancient and contemporary music. With the actress Maria Grazia Maffia, he brings to the stage musical shows for children. At the Ocarina Delta Festival, he will perform with the guitar player Mirco Mungari.

Fabio Galliani – ocarine (

Mirco Mungari was born in Calabria in 1982. After studying classical guitar, he focused his interest on ethnomusicology and playing techniques of traditional musical instruments of Southern Italy (bagpipes, frame drums, chitarra battente), with a particular attention for the different playing styles of frame drums. He also studied arabic music and oud, and learned the techniques of traditional frame drums with Adel Shams ed-Din (riqq and arabic drums), and studied bouzouki, saz and italian mandolas. He studied medieval and renaissance percussion with Pedro Estevan and currently collaborates as percussionist and piper with the ensemble Silentia Lunae in Parma, Italy. He also plays italian bagpipes, clarinet, ocarina, duduk and ethnic flutes. Mirco Mungari had several experiences as stage musician and composer for different acting companies; he works as teacher and performer, with a particular attention for childhood theatre and music pedagogy. He is currently involved in the projects Mousikè Techne (contaminations between rhythm and poetry, with the poet Rossella Renzi) and Le Mosche (folk-jazz-experimental music). Having a post-degree in classical archaeology, he currently, works as scientific advisor and performer in the EMAP project (, collaborating with the ensemble LVDI SCAENICI, specialized in reconstruction of Roman music instruments.

A unique cultural proposal to discover and appreciate the surprising characteristics of hamonicas (mouth organs). Pulsating heart of the project Palomino Bros are two virtuosos of harmonica, Gianluca Caselli and Gianandrea Pasquinelli, that with percussionist PierLuigi Caputo propose a wide musical panorama that ranges from regional folk to South American and Balkan music, passing through the Italian and American swing. The original arrangements tend to merge the dynamics and frequencies of the different free-reed instruments used. The concert becomes the occasion for the presentation of rare and unknown instruments, such as Cordomonica, harmonics with 20, 24 and 48 chords, Armonetta, bass harmonica, in addition to the most well-known chromatic and diatonic harmonicas. The Palomino Bros have played in the main events related to harmonica in Italy (Armonicando, play Mr Dada, Blues Made in Italy, play harmonica Day, international Festival of the harmonica of Capovalle), in England (National harmonica League – Bristol, 2011 and 2013), in Estonia (Parnu, 2014), in the Netherlands (Eindhoven, 2015), in Slovenia (Begunje, 2015; Dob and Mokronog, 2017), in Taiwan (Asian Pacific harmonica Festival, Hsinchu, 2016); They participated at the night of the Taranta in Melpignano (2016); They recorded several CDs: the Raboso degli Armonauti, 2011; Tales from the Armonauti's Land, 2012; Juggin Along, 2015, work of Blues Matrix in the company of the Polyinstrumentalist Andrea Fiore; In 2015 Harmoniously Merry Christmas, with the harmonica player William Tedeschi. In 2017 came out the cd Sardaemilia dedicated to the popular music of Emilia and Sardinia.