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Fecchio Benvenuto

Together with his wife and with his daughters, he brings forward the family tradition, started by his father Idelmo, to build ocarinas and artistic whistles; in the last years, he enriched the family tradition, adding the construction of Settimini that are played by Grillara Ocarinistic Group. Thanks to intensive teaching activities for schools, his farm / museum "The ocarina" has become one of the attractions of the Po Delta Park.

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Maurizio Moretti

I am a passionate and a happy maker of whistle and ocarina, using different type of clay. Both my manual skills and experience as a cabinetmaker and a restorer and my interest in music led me to a gradual growing up in few years in shaping clay whistles, creating stylized bird forms and little animals. My meticulous attention to the sonority followed by the precious work of decoration and finishing of Anna, my wife, led us to a common evolution, in an artistic-artisanal overview to be discovered. As concerns the making of ocarinas in the style of Budrio, we find that comparison and collaboration between many musicians and other ocarina makers are positive and encouraging: our aim is spreading the knowledge of this instrument by promoting high quality didactic and musical events.

Empty Instruments

The "Empty Instruments" brand is the result of the collaboration of two artists and musicians from the province of Turin, whose aim was combining the passion for music with the passion for ceramics and creating both only innovative musical instruments and true sound sculptures, handmade and unique artefacts.
In 2014 they discover the “Huaca”, a three-chamber clay instrument which creats polyphonic and meditative sounds. Since that moment, Giuseppe has begun to study this original instrument and ceramic art, linking pottery manual skills with knowledge of music and wind instruments such as didjieridoo.
Since 2017 they devote themselves full time to the realization of Huaca and other clay musical instrument such as ocarinas, flutes and udu drum, partecipating in many festivals like the “International Ocarina Festival” in Budrio, the International Festival of Didijieridoo “Forlinpopoli Didijin’Oz”, the “Bundan Celtic Festival” and the “Handpan and Global music Festival”.

Giuseppe Siggia was born in Rivoli (To) on 6th April 1987. His passion for music begins when he was 13, thanks to his german uncle and he started his guitar course as a self-taught. Two years later, with a friend of his, who was drum player, he founded his first rock band “Effesenne” and he began his interest for musical production through electronic instruments: He founded the hip hop band “Il giusto flusso”, he perfomed in several places and recorded two albums “The giusto flusso” and “I guardiani dei templi”. When he was 20 he stopped hip hop performances to dedicate himself to drawing, street art and little musical productions. He collaborated with various artistis. In 2014 he discovered a clay wind instrument called “Huaca” and he became passionate for it, so he began practicing ceramic art to realize his own instruments. The same year he discovered the Didjieridoo too and met Vittoria: they started together a musical project, which led them to the create their own clay musical instruments, to expose them in several festivals and to play them along many cities streets.

Vittoria Moretta was born in Giaverno (To) on 17 Ottobre 1993. Her passion for music led her to attend the lessons of violin at the musical secondary school. She plays in “Val Sangrone Orchestra” until she was 16. After having visited Ireland more times, she developed a passion for Irish music. After her high school diploma, she started to practice percussion and in 2013 she discovered the “Handpan”. She performed as a street musician and participated to various events playing the handpan. In 2016, thanks to Giuseppe’s study of Huaca, she got passionate for ceramic art and she began the realization of musical clay instruments.

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Renato Dalla Costa

Graduated at the Institute of Art in Venice and specialized in the Artistic Masters Course in the ceramic section, He has been interested at the world of clay musical instruments since 10 years for didactic purposes, fascinated from the realization of whistles, cucchi and ocarinas.
During his wandering in studying these instruments, curiosity led him to the creation of a clay handmade wind musical instrument, which he calls "Figulino", from the Latin name figulus, the artisan who shapes clay artefacts.
The “Figulino” belongs to flute and ocarinas family, but its tone and timbre are unique and original. In his journey of research, he finds encouragement and support for his ideas from experience and high professionalism the two great musicians: Emiliano Bernagozzi and Franco Massaglia.

Laura Chiavegato

Laura Chiavegato lives in Isola della Scala, in the province of Verona. Eager to experience the ceramic material, in 2015 he met the world of "Venetian Cucari": she soon became a maker of enamelled whistles, mono and bi-tonal. Recently she also experienced water whistles. In order to spread the handcraft pottery, she organizes educational workshops for schools and families.

Claudio Colombo

Master ceramist and appreciated constructor of single, double and triple ocarinas.

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Francesco Moliterni

After teaching English in middle school and approaching ceramics I discovered the magical world of the ocarina for 5 years.
It is wonderful to see how a piece of clay can become a musical instrument.

Lorenzo Benini

He deals with artistic carpentry and violin making. Since 2003 he has been manufacturing wooden ocarinas.

Davide Mattiazzi

PERDINTORNI is a project created with the desire to study, internalize, share music in its various forms.
Conceived in 1998 it has developed into workshops, exhibitions, concerts, events, creating moments of meeting, confrontation which lasted until today.
Traveling exhibition of musical instruments from various parts of the world: exhibition of a wide range of instruments from various traditions, places and cultures of the 5 continents.
Banquet instruments: construction and production of self-made craft tools with various recycled materials.

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Giorgio Cataldi

Since 2010 I have been manufacturing transversal ocarinas of any shape and intonation.
In the last years I am using almost exclusively white clay for reasons linked to its lightness and post-drying shrinkage.
If possible I fulfil particular needs of intonation, fingering, insufflation and volume of the sound.

Giuseppe De Lazzer

My name is Giuseppe De Lazzer and I begin to be interested in ceramics for some reason 35 years ago: I am not a professional ceramist but a passionate one.
I create and decorate objects using artisanal ceramics techniques (majolica) and colours (underglaze); I am self-taught.
On my way, I meet with raku technique, which impressed me immediately and lead me to produce very personal and creative forms and objects.
I am attracted by and curios about metallic reflections and particular nuances and of the objects.
At a certain point, I met Venetian Cucari and this generate a new passion in me: whistles (cuchi in Venetian dialect).
I have been manufacturing cuchi for more than 20 years and I carry out workshops in the schools of the province of Belluno.
Traditional forms and acrylic paints give me the possibility of expressing my creativity. I prefer zoomorphic forms as cats, owls and so on.

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Maria Giovanna Zannini

In my workshop “Creta e Fuoco” in Valle di Cadore, I have been creating ceramic objects for 10 years, but my true passion are cuchi and water whistles.
I learnt how to make whistles thanks to the friendship of the venetian whistle makers (Cucari) of the town of Nove, first of all Flavio Pegoraro and Beniamino Faggion. I also like teaching what I have learnt to people of all ages, attracted by the magic of the sound of the land.


Giorgio Pacchioni

Born in Emilia Romagna, fond of the cultural traditions of his homeland and classically trained musician, he has been playing ocarina since the 60s, learning to use it mainly by himself. In the early 80s he started to build the first entirely handmade ocarinas, with a technique that he keeps still, by analyzing and studying the ancient tools of the first brilliant ocarina builders of Budrio and following the advice of the precious ocarina manufacturer A. Mignani. At the same time he founded the chamber music group “The boun and the Strapazzoun”, devoted to performances of folk music from Emilia Romagna and of its danceable style compositions. Later he founded the “Ensemble 900″ with whom he performs the classical repertoire of historical Budrio Ocarina with public and critique approval. He plays of course, in one person, the role of various historical figures related to Italian ocarina culture: 1) Manufacturer and designer of new models such as the ocarinas of various harmony nature, such as Ocarina handset, Ocarina bagpipes, Ocarina to third twins, Ocarina multicamera-P (double, triple and quadruple). 2) Performer and conductor of ocarina groups (see the list below for record and digital recordings). 3) Composer and arranger of many compositions for various ocarinas, for teaching, classical and experimental purposes.


Luca Fiorio

Earth, water, fire ... then a breath and magic: the whistle, perhaps the first sonic toy of antiquity.
From here I left.
I build whistles with the earth, the curiosity about cooking, glazes and clear what led me to an infinite path is the stove.
The passion for the world of the birds led me inevitably to the attempt to reproduce with ceramics about a hundred species of birds seen in our territories.
I cultivate the hobby of ceramics but I am not an artist, I like to see people happy and amused with what I do with my hands.